a set of social norms supporting heterosexuality as the dominant sexuality as well as the alignment of biological sex, sexuality, gender identity, and gender roles (Lovaas & Jenkins, 2006)

books about gay identity

cover of LGBT identity booklgbt identity and online new media

  • constructions of lgbt identity within new media
  • benefits and disadvantages of new media for lgbt identities
  • intersections of gender, sexuality and technology
  • youtube and ‘coming out’ videos
  • self-disclosure through online networking
  • lgbt identities in mainstream advertising

editors: pullen & cooper

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cover of the bear bookthe bear book: readings in the history and evolution of a gay male subculture

  • the social and cultural phenomenon of beardom
  • cultural implications for gay community and society as a whole
  • differences among masculinities
  • socialogical & cultural investigations of contemporary gay bear phenomena
  • bears and sexual identity
  • bears, power & glamour

editor: wright

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cover of male to malemale to male: sexual feeling across the boundaries of identity

  • exploring the same-sex feelings of men whose identities are heterosexual
  • exploration of fears and confessions
  • same-sex feelings in the military
  • prison culture and the ‘heterosexual role’
  • fulfillment of emotional and physical bonds between men
  • touching, intimate accounts of male attraction

author: tejirian

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cover of getting it on onlinegetting it on: cyberspace, gay male sexuality and embodied identity

  • the online embodied experiences of gay men
  • challenging conventional views on sex and sexuality
  • how online spaces function like virtual gay bars
  • the male body and the gay male beauty myth
  • how gay men construct their identities in cyberspace
  • the future of gay men’s online communication

author: campbell

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